This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the colon to assist in treatment of:

• constipation.



Homoeopathic complementary medicine
Each 1ml of liquid contains:

Alumina D30
Bryonia alba Spag D8
Calcarea fluorica D10
Carbo vegetabilis D30
Lycopodium clavatum D30
Phytolacca decandra Spag D3
Plumbum metallicum D10
Strychnos nux-vomica (Nux vomica) Spag D4
Sulphur D10
Preservative: 20% Alcohol


Homoeophatic Mode of Action

Alumina acts on the metabolic system and the mucous membranes to alleviate hard, dry, knotty constipation with a sore, dry, inflamed and bleeding rectum and abdominal colic.

Bryonia alba acts on the membrane lining of the colon to relieve constipation with dry, large, brown stools and tenderness of the abdominal walls.

Calcarea fluorica improves peristalsis of the colon by restoring greater elasticity to the muscular walls. It treats constipation with large, hard, whitish, sour stools and loose stools after passing the initial hard faeces.

Carbo vegetabilis is indicated for painful abdominal distension with flatulent colic, haemorrhoids and pain after bowel action.

Lycopodium clavatum acts on the digestive system to relieve constipation with small, hard, incomplete and difficult-to-pass stools. It alleviates abdominal bloating after small meals and a feeling of fermentation in the stomach. It also helps treat haemorrhoids.

Phytolacca decandra acts on the glandular system and muscular walls of organs to relieve pain in the abdomen, colic, and constipation in the aged associated with a weak heart.

Plumbum metallicum treats constipation with hard, lumpy, black stools, anal spasm, impaction of faeces, obstructed flatus and colicky abdominal pains that radiate to other parts of the body.

Strychnos nux-vomica acts on the nervous and digestive systems to treat constipation accompanied by frequent desire to pass a stool. It relieves irregular peristaltic action, the sensation of not having completed defecation, bruised soreness of the abdominal walls and alternating diarrhoea and constipation after abuse of laxatives.

Sulphur is indicated for abdominal sensitivity, colic after drinking, itching and burning of the anus, hard knotty stools and haemorrhoids.


Dosage and Directions

10 drops directly on the tongue or diluted with a little water 3 times daily. Infants: Dilute with water and allow to stand for a short time before administering. Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms.


Side Effects and Special Precautions

There are no known side effects.



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